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Pimonakhos Vol 6 Issue 1

January 17th, 2012




Dear Readers,

Peace and Grace to you all,

This month issue is about the monastic Spirituality of the Syrian Church, we hope you enjoy it. This issue was inspired by Met Malki’s (The Metrepolitan of the Syrian Orthodox Church) Visit to the monastery last December. Bishop Anba Daniel and the fathers of the monastery thank H.E. Met Malki very much for his visit. H.E. has promised to make this a yearly event. Go to our website to download the talk by H.E.

God Bless you all,

Bishop Anba Daniel

Bishop and Abbot of St Shenouda Monastery

Sydney, Australia


H.H. Mor Ignatius Yacoub III  -   The Syrian Orthodox Church: Its contributions to the ascetic life

St Isaac the Syrian  -  On How the Beauty of Monastic Life Is Preserved and On How It Can Be a Means for God to Be Glorified

Patrik Hagman  -   Fasting as the Beginning of All Virtues


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