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One of the Youth

"Church without youth is church without future. Moreover, youth without church is youth without future."

H.H. Pope Shenouda III

Pope Shenouda III was the 117th Pope of Alexandria & Patriarch of the See of St. Mark. Previously he was the General Bishop for Christian Education and as Dean of the Coptic Orthodox Theological Seminary.

Fr Anthony St Shenouda

A Monk from St. Shenouda Monastery, Sydney, Australia.


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H.H. Pope Tawadros II

Pope Tawadros II is the 118th Pope of Alexandria & Patriarch of the See of St. Mark. He took office on 18 November 2012, two weeks after being selected.

St. Shenouda the Archimandrite

One of the most renowned saints of the Coptic Orthodox Church. He was the abbot of the White Monastery in Egypt.

H.G. Bishop Youanis

The late Bishop Youanis was bishop of Gharbeya.

St. John Chrysostom

St. John Chrysostom, known as 'the golden-mouth', was the bishop of Constantinople and is known for his preaching and public speaking.

H.G. Bishop Mettaous

One of the prominent scholars of Ritual Theology in our contemporary era. His writings are useful, necessary references, as they include a scientific spirit, an elaborate research and spiritual gratification.

Fr. Matthew the Poor

Theologian and author of 181 books and hundreds of journal articles. He was a key figure in the revival of Egyptian monasticism which began in 1969 when he was appointed to the Monastery of St Macarius in the Wadi El Natrun in Egypt.

H.G. Bishop Macarius

Bishop of the diocese of Minya.

Abba Wissa

Disciple of St Shenouda the Archimandrite

St. Basil the Great

In addition to his work as a theologian, St. Basil was known for his care of the poor and underprivileged.

Bishop Kallistos Ware

One of the best-known contemporary Eastern Orthodox theologians. He is the metropolitan archbishop of the Eastern Orthodox Church in the U.K.

St. John Cassian

St. John Cassian was a monk and theologian celebrated in both the Western and Eastern Churches for his mystical writings and practices of Christian monasticism.

H.G. Bishop Youssef

In 1995, His Grace was enthroned as the first Bishop of the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States.

St Theophan the Recluse

A well known saint in the Russian Orthodox Church and the many books he wrote concerning the spiritual life.

Fr. Tadros Yacoub Malaty

Author of countless books and one of the main theological sources of the Coptic Church today. He is the parish priest of St George church in Sporting, Alexandria.

St Ambrose

Bishop of Milan who became one of the most influential ecclesiastical figures of the 4th century.

H.G. Bishop Poemen

Author of God Became Man.

St. Athanasius

He was a Christian theologian, a Church Father, the chief defender of Trinitarianism against Arianism, and a noted Egyptian leader of the fourth century.

Fr Antonious Kaldas

Parish priest at Archangel Michael & St Bishoy Coptic Orthodox Church, Sydney Australia.

Fr Athanasius Iskander

Author of Practical Spirituality. Fr Athanasius Iskander borrowed methods and techniques from these Holy Fathers and provided wise instructions on how to practically apply them.

Fr. Mark Basily

Parish priest at St Mark Coptic Orthodox Church, Sydney, Australia. Fr. Mark is passionate about serving the young Children who are the future of the Church.

St. Isaac the Syrian

Best remembered for his written works on Christian asceticism of which Pope Kyrillos VI used to love very much.

Bishop Ignatius Brianchaninov

Bishop and theologian of the Russian Orthodox Church. He was canonized as a saint by the 1988.

H.G. Bishop Daniel

Bishop and Abbot of St. Shenouda monastery, Sydney, Australia

H.G. Bishop Moussa

His Grace Bishop Moussa is the General Bishop for Youth Affairs, headquartered in Cairo, Egypt.

Abba Ammonas

A 4th-century Christian ascetic and the founder of one of the most celebrated monastic communities in Egypt.

St. John Climacus

St. John Climacus is also known as John of the Ladder. He was a 7th-century Christian monk at the monastery on Mount Sinai.

Evagrius Of Pontus

One of the most influential theologians in the late fourth-century church

St Macarius the Great

He was an Egyptian Christian monk and hermit. He is also known as Macarius the Elder, Macarius the Great and The Lamp of the Desert.

H.G. Bishop Serapion

H.G Bishop Serapion became the Bishop of Los Angeles, Southern California, and Hawaii on November 14, 1995.

Archimandrite Seraphim Aleksiev

Author of the famous book "The Forgotten Medicine"

St Pachomius

Known as the Father of Community. He is the founder of Christian cenobitic monasticism

St Pope Kyrillos VI

It was said of him "Not only had a Monk become Patriarch, but the Patriarch remained a Monk." There is no man in all the history of the church like St Pope Kyrillos VI.

St Dorotheos of Gaza

Recognized as a saint by the Eastern Orthodox Church and Roman Catholic Church. He wrote numerous instructions for monks.

John Chryssavgis

An author and theologian who serves as advisor to the Ecumenical Patriarch on environmental issues. He is a clergyman of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America.

St Archdeacon Habib Girgis

A modern-day dean of the Catechetical School of Alexandria. In 2013, he was canonised as a saint by the Holy Synod of the Coptic Orthodox Church.

Bishop Hilarion Alfeyev

A noted theologian, church historian and composer and has published books on dogmatic theology, patristics and church history as well as numerous compositions for choir and orchestra.

St Ignatius of Antioch

An Apostolic Father, student of the Apostle John, and the third bishop of Antioch.

St Augustine

St Augustine was the son of so many tears who was an early Christian theologian and philosopher whose writings influenced the development of Western Christianity and Western philosophy.

H.H. Mor Ignatius Yacoub III

The 121st Syriac Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch and head of the Syriac Orthodox Church. He was skilled in and knowledgeable in Syriac sacral music or Beth Gazo.

St. Ephraim the Syrian

He is especially beloved in the Syriac Orthodox Church. He wrote a wide variety of hymns, poems, and sermons in verse, as well as prose biblical exegesis.

Fr Lev Gillet

An archimandrite of the Eastern Orthodox Church from 1928. He worked for the union of the churches.

St. Gregory of Nyssa

He was an erudite theologian who made significant contributions to the doctrine of the Trinity and the Nicene Creed. He is known as one of the Cappadocian Fathers.

St Jerome

He was a priest, confessor, theologian and historian. He is best known for his translation of most of the Bible into Latin and his commentaries on the Gospels.