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One of the Youth

"Church without youth is church without future. Moreover, youth without church is youth without future."

Desert Fathers / by One of the Youth -

Breaking Barriers

In everyone’s spiritual life there comes a point where we can either excel or stay the same, both of which have a corresponding result. Sadly, many of us choose to…

Christian Living / by One of the Youth -

Struggling With Prayer

Matanias, agpia prayers, the Jesus prayer, and contemplations on psalms…these are prayers and supplications made to God by all monks, who, living in isolation, devote themselves entirely to our Lord,…

Christian Living / by One of the Youth -

Tips On Prayer

“The brethren asked Abba Agathon: “Amongst all of our different activities, father, which is the virtue that requires the greatest effort?” He answered: “Forgive me, but I think there is…

Christian Living / by One of the Youth -

What Is Discipleship?

What is Discipleship? Discipleship is where God works in us through righteous persons who fulfill the spiritual task of teachers and father to illustrate the necessity for abiding in Christ’s…