Author: Fr Anthony St Shenouda

Fr Anthony St Shenouda

A Monk from St. Shenouda Monastery, Sydney, Australia.

Biblical / by Fr Anthony St Shenouda -

Transfigured Life

The word transfiguration in Greek is the word Metamorphosis (Meta – form or nature), (Morphosis – complete change). It is the same word we use for when a caterpillar turns…

Book Reviews / by Fr Anthony St Shenouda -

Armenian Golgotha

Fr Grigoris Balakian’s memoir Armenian Golgotha, for decades has been an important text of Armenian literature, belonging to this group of significant books that deal with crimes against humanity in…

News / by Fr Anthony St Shenouda -

Symposium Report

With the kind permission of Bishop Daniel I was honored to participate in the 8th symposium of the St Mark’s foundation for Coptic History (February 12-16, 2017). The symposium was…