H.H. Pope Shenouda III

Pope Shenouda III was the 117th Pope of Alexandria & Patriarch of the See of St. Mark. Previously he was the General Bishop for Christian Education and as Dean of the Coptic Orthodox Theological Seminary.

H.H. Pope Tawadros II

Pope Tawadros II is the 118th Pope of Alexandria & Patriarch of the See of St. Mark. He took office on 18 November 2012, two weeks after being selected.

Fr Anthony St Shenouda

A Monk from St. Shenouda Monastery, Sydney, Australia.

One of the Youth

"Church without youth is church without future. Moreover, youth without church is youth without future."

Featured Article

Here you will find a variety of extracts of articles written by various authors.

H.G. Bishop Youanis

The late Bishop Youanis was bishop of Gharbeya.

St. John Chrysostom

St. John Chrysostom, known as 'the golden-mouth', was the bishop of Constantinople and is known for his preaching and public speaking.


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St. Shenouda the Archimandrite

One of the most renowned saints of the Coptic Orthodox Church. He was the abbot of the White Monastery in Egypt.